Thursday, March 19, 2009

Aneros and Nexus Benchmark. We have tried them and here are the reviews. Click here to shop for one of those online!


Great for beginners and Best Seller!

The Nexus Glide is a great massager. Its angle is pretty easy and it becomes gradually larger. I loved the three stimulating ribs at the end, it felt great. I also liked the handle to change the angle of penetration. And of course, love the nexus roller ball which provides a great feeling to the testicles. It almost felt like someone was liking my balls.

I would recommend the Glide for someone with some anal experience. It is a very safe bet and one of my favorite!

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For adventurous beginners and advanced users!

This Aneros is quite aggressive, by its angle and shape, it gives you more pressure and you can feel the tension surrounding your prostate. It is aiming to be the new standard though, as it doesn’t require as much patience and practice as the other Aneros to use it and get its incredible benefits.

I liked it and everyone that I know who has tried it liked it a lot. I would say it is my second favorite!

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User Friendly!

I would say that the titus is perfect if you are looking for a user friendly, long term, feels great dildo. It will give you voluntary and involuntary muscle contractions which drove me crazy (in a good way!).

I also like the fact that it is ribbed, definitely great for stimulation. The head is smooth which is known to enable powerful orgasm, and yes, I definitely felt that too!

If you are looking an easy to use massager, for great orgasms that you feel through your whole body, then that’s your match.

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The latest and largest!

I tried this one toward the end and I am glad I did. It felt great and I got multiple orgasms with it but it was a bit big to start with. When it moves inside your body, it really massages and gives that insane feeling inside.

The Progasm is definitely not the right Aneros for a quickie, you'll want to spend some time playing with it but it'll definitely pay off. One more

thing, I was able to use it in almost any positions.

I would recommend the Progasm for someone patient, open minded and looking for great intense sensations.

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Hands Free!

I loved the Gyro. You do not have to hold it and the round bigger end just allows you to sit on it if you want and gyrate. It almost made me feel like being fisted although I could never be fisted, I’m a pretty tight.

I definitely liked the gyro and I think it’s one of those toys that can be used for solo or with a partner.

I would recommend the Gyro for someone looking to experiment and have fun!

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For anal beginners!

The eupho is pretty cool, it’s pretty small, not very thick (about the size of an index on the top). I didn't love it, as it is quite small and you have to manipulate it a lot to reach an orgasm. I also found that the little ball part to massage the perineum kinda hurt, vs the nexus rolling ball that feels so great.

I would say that the Eupho is best suited for someone with limited experience who is not that sensitive and therefore will have more sensations.

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Top pick, from Europe!

It is a bit larger that the Glide and Nero, combines the bottom part from the Glide and the top from Nero. First one of its generation, I did enjoy it thoroughly, especially when you take it up all the way and you get the nice massage from the roller ball on your perineum.

Kept me coming and coming, my top favorite!

I would say if you have some experience and you are looking to rock your world, then Excel is the best pick.

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Small but incredible!

This Aneros was apparently first created for the Asian market but it became such a hit that it is now in the US. It gave me incredible orgasms, and I truly enjoyed it as it didn’t try to go to deep, although I sat on it. It’s pretty cool too as you do not need to hold it.

I would recommend it if you don’t do much anal or if you are looking for an easy going aneros.

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We hope this benchmark will help you get a better understanding of Aneros and Nexus massagers and which one would be a better fit for you. They reveal themselves as absolutely brilliant masturbation aids, the kind of simple, portable gizmo that becomes a mainstay.

Please post your comments below and share your favorite!

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  1. Wow, thanks, I was actually looking into getting but I had no idea which one to get. Gonna go with Excel and rock my world, hehe!

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  3. aneros all the way, its the best ride!