Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cockrings, I have tried a bunge and here are my reviews


My favorite!

This cockring was one of my favorite, kept me hard but also gave me a thicker erection. I really liked the enlarger cream that comes with it too, not sure if it was the cream or the ring that made me feel and kept me that way but it definitely worked. This is also an easy fit with the different ring sizes for your testicles. I used it to have sex with my partner and I was as hard as a rock and it kept me going and going for longer than I ever had (110mns!!).

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Easy and Funny!

Made from very stretchy rubber, this can extend up to 6 feet, so I can definitely say one size fits all! It was very comfortable and smooth, and definitely kept me hard for as long as I wanted. The texture is very nice and soft, and warms up to the point of not even feeling it on the body. I don’t know for how long it would keep that elasticity but it’s definitely priced well and I would say well worth it.

Here are the basic steps on how to use it:

1.Wrap the Tie Your Own Cock Ring around the entire scrotum above thetesticles, prior to arousal.

2. Tuck ring under itself with the excess across the back of the scrotum.

3. Leave excess available to grasp between thumb and finger to release when ejaculation is desire.

4. To permit ejaculation, pull the excess free, this will allow the testicles to rise, releasing the semen.

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Two Way in Leather!

This two way cockring was pretty cool, it goes around your cock and the other side goes around your balls. Once again, I would say that it would fit most people because of the different snaps. It was definitely fun and I enjoyed it. I would recommend for beginners but also for some experienced bondage user looking for a lighter and easier ring.

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The unusual shaped right is pretty cool. It’s made from a jelly plastic which is very stretchy and has a small bullet for added stimulation. The vibration is not that strong, probably because it is being absorbed by the plastic but it gave some pretty good stimulation at the base of my cock while I was having sex. I definitely also like the fact that it’s tiny, can go in my pocket and on my cock.

I would recommend it for a beginner in cockrings, someone that likes to have his balls in an easy tight grip and looking for some extra simulation when having sex.

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Massive Ejaculation!

Maintain a full, hard erection with this high tech cock ring. Slip this high quality cock ring on, tighten

snugly and you'll remain hard and thick throughout your sex play. At the moment of ejaculation release the center pull and you'll pop like never before! I don’t know how many usage that ring could take, it did seem a bit fragile.

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Even hotter in person!

This is very hot to see on a hard cock! That’s one of my favorite although it is not adjustable and is better suited for medium to larger size. It is constructed far better than other makes I have tried. The leather is kept smooth and well finished so no discomfort is felt where it isn't meant to be felt. Whether or not you use other toys, I would recommend that one as it will definitely get you on the mood once you see it on your partner or yourself.

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Light Bondage!

This leather cockring was pretty cool, toward the bondage side but still pretty simple, it definitely made me feel very masculine and raw. It also gave me some really good support and kept me hard. I don’t think anyone would have an issue with the sizing as there are 3 different snap attach points.

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We hope this benchmark will help you get a better understanding of Cockrings and which one would be a better fit for you.

Please post your comments below and share your favorite!

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