Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lubes are essential in Gay Sex! This is a benchmark of my favorites...


Water based and Fragrance Fee!

The ID Glide is one of my favorite and the one I use the most. It is safe with toys and great for sex. It is non sticky, smooth and it does not leave any residues. It also lasts for a really long time. ID is also a highly trusted and recognized brand.

I would recommend ID Glide for anyone, whether they are newcomers and advanced users ;-)

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Silicon Based!

Along with ID, Pjur is a well known brand. This lube is silicon based, it worked pretty well as it didn’t absorb into my skin and I didn’t have to keep putting more. It is supposed to be scentless and although there still is a very light scent, I didn’t bother me. I didn’t like that after applying it with my hand, it almost felt like my hand was sticky.

My feedback is : it felt great in action but I didn’t like the left off on my hand.

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Pink on the bottle!

I got to say, I only really wanted to try this Pjur Eros light love because of the pink title on the black bottle. I was intrigued and I figured it would be sensual.

My feedback are very similar than the Pjur Eros, the only difference, it did feel a bit more liquid, less greasy almost. I did like it but once again, like all Silicon based lubes, I hate how it feels on my hand once I apply it.

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This JO lube is very cool for shower sex or Jacuzzi sex. I have always disliked inter cores under water just because the lube will come off and it would be uncomfortable. With JO Premium though, it was very comfortable and although I don’t usually love silicon based lubes, I would recommend this one with flying colors for underwater actions.

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Jack Jelly Head is a butter and it is NOT condoms compatible. It is the best product I have ever tried for solo pleasures, it heightened my sensations and gave me more than I would expect from a one handed ride.

It is a great quality product and I like that it is priced very reasonably. Who said those solo pleasure weren’t as good!

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We hope this benchmark will help you get a better understanding of Lubes and which one would be a better fit for you.

Please post your comments below and share your favorite!

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