Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Nexus Glide imports European design in a sleek medical-grade plastic prostate massager. The angled shaft starts with a smooth head and curves seamlessly into a gradually wider body before narrowing at the end into three stimulating ribs. A handle on the back allows you to adjust the angle of insertion to suit your individual needs, while a roller ball delivers unique sensations beneath the testicles while the toy is in use. Once inserted, the device relies on the natural contractions of the internal muscles, this reverberation of motion causes deep prostate stimulation. The Glide also includes a small plastic tool for removal of the roller ball for easy cleaning.


  1. Guys, I have been hearing about the Aneros and Nexus for so long that I had to try it. This dildo is the best I have ever tried, I never came so much and had so many repetitive orgasm. I would recommend it to anyone, beginners or experienced!

  2. this looks really intense. how much do you "experience" do you need to try this out?

  3. not that much, just be patient the first 2 times and that should be enough to ease you into it. Definitely worth it though, I have yet to get a negative feedback about those and aneros!